Sensei YoshikoYou are capable of communicating with your guide spirits on your own largely through meditation but not everyone is able to do so. Your guide often referred as your 'higher-self' loves you and cares about you more than anybody. It is your dedicated personal adviser and protector which knows all of your desires, needs, purposes, concerns, emotions, habits, ...everything.  Sometimes it gives you challenges and let you experience hardship so that you learn things that are considered to be important and beneficial for you eventually in spiritual point of view. It understands everything about you, what you think and what you do so all advices from your guide are customized and tailored to your life and for your betterment.

While you may go to a church and learn what master Jesus taught and go to a temple and learn what master Buddha taught, it would be a waste if you do not listen to what your guide tells you. It is actually not feasible for your guide to communicate with you if you do not believe that it exists. Advices from your guide comes intuitively. Some hear inner whispers, some see visions internally or signs in outer-world. There are various ways that guides try to communicate.

For those who seek answers in life but have not received them yet, Sensei-Yoshiko can interpret what your guides tell you in a session. Seisei-Yoshiko is a channeler and also a healer. One session is 30 minutesThe sessions at Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) in the Philippines will be held around November through March.


Spiritual ClensingSome illnesses of unknown cause may stem from a low energy condition or being possessed by negative spirits. In such case, the spiritual cleansing often provies effectiveness in improving the symptoms as it purifies your spirit, raises your energy vibration and removes negative attachments.