Although one's life span is destined to end in a certain period according to the pre-birth agreement, it would be better if we live our life fully in healthy condition. Our goal is not to prolong one's life span, but to help us have optimal health until the end of our physical life. In this sense, it is advisable to receive psychic surgery periodically for optimal preventive maintenance of your body, mind and spirit, even while you feel you are healthy and not to wait until you bear illnesses.

Psychic surgery is performed by bare hands of healers. Psychic surgery uses the energy source of 8th or higher dimension helped by special masters in spirit form. Although it challenges our 3-dimensional stereotype of time and space concept, it cures from the roots of illness and healing takes place instantly.

Incidentally, although numbers are used to describe the dimension, such as 8th dimension or 3rd dimension for convenience and in reality there are no boundaries in dimensions. It merely suggests differences in stages of evolution in ever-continuing progression (frequencies of waves).

Year after year, number of psychic surgeons especially who can perform such healing sourced from the 8th dimension has significantly decreased. Only a few genuine psychic surgeons are available today.

Usually, it takes 3 sessions for first-time receivers to clean their body, mind and spirit.
Treatments for illness will be after the cleaning. The recommended number of days to stay or number of treatment sessions varies depending on person. It also varies depending on progress of illnesses and motivation of the person. Especially the motivation or one's mind-set influences results of the treatment. Some are completely cured. Some are cured, but later troubled with the same problem, etc. The important factors include how you improve your thoughts, attitude and life style after receiving the treatment.

Normally, a 1 to 2 week(s) stay treatment is recommended. However, for those who cannot afford such time, it is possible to arrange treatment 2 to 3 times a day and shorten the stay to 5 days or so, yet it depends on the symptom and how one's body can accept.

The advantages peculiar to the psychic surgery are as follows:

  • No pain
  • No scars left
  • No side effects

Psychic surgery is conducted in certain scheduled time periods at Academy of World Healing Foundation.
Please inquire us to know when the next treatment schedule is.